Poorly Reported Website Is Closing

Summery of Actions


Full hosting is being terminated do to cost. We are moving the website to poorlyreported.wordpress.com for the time being. Our current domain should redirect there until October. This move may be permanent unless we are requested or forced to leave. We intend to mitigate the effects of this potential outcome with our new social media strategy.

Social Media & Mirroring

We will be terminating our relationship with some social media companies and publishing partners over time. This is a result of changes in policies at these companies, and in some cases the result of specific incidents.

Our efforts will be primarily focused on publishing with such companies that have themselves published commitments to the principles of the freedom of speech / expression, especially if that company is mainly owned and operated in the United States. This policy may extend to lands where legal protections on the rights of expression may exist.

This page shall have a list of sites where we maintain our presence.

Future Content

We have no current plans to regularly develop new articles or videos for Poorly Reported. As of now Poorly Reported remains an experimental project. Some updates addressing the afore mentioned changes should be expected, however.

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