Do We Need More Laws? Part 1: Unintended Consequences

From time to time things change in the world. New laws are needed to meet the challenges of the ever expanding capabilities of technology. From automobiles came traffic laws, vehicle safety regulations, emissions standards, and so on. An ardent libertarian may argue that no such laws are needed. In fact a strong argument for doing... Continue Reading →


Rape Trial Stirs Illegal Immigration Debate – Rockville, Maryland

This story is relatively well covered elsewhere, and is thus only summarized here. We have included some links to that material at the bottom of this article. Henry Sánchez Milian, aged eighteen and Jose Montano, aged seventeen have been criminally charged, as adults, with the alleged rape-in-the-first-degree of a fourteen-year-old female student in a lavatory at Rockville High School,... Continue Reading →

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